Kirklands Garden Map

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The four statues by Robert Forrest can now be seen at Dunfermline Museum.

The four stone statues in the garden are by the foremost sculptor of his time, Robert Forrest (1789-1852). The two standing statues are Symon and Bauldy, characters from a poem by George Ramsey. Forrest sculpted these early in his career from Lanarkshire sandstone which is more red in colour and softer than the later statues. Bauldy is represented as ‘half dead wi’ anger fear and spite’. He has roused Symon who is listening to his tale half dressed.

The two sitting statues are Tam O’ Shanter and Souter Johnny from Burn’s poem of that name. Tam was sculpted in 1823 when Forrest had a studio on Carlton Hill, Edinburgh. Souter Johnny was modelled at the same time, but not carved until later. The sandstone for these two later statues is harder and lighter in colour and the workmanship improved. By this time Forrest was probably at the height of his career. As far as we know the first occupant of Kirklands, Mr Mercer, bought the statues to Kirklands soon after the house was built in 1832

The chain saw sculpture of toadstools, owls hedgehogs, thistles and pigs are by Peter, sculpted from fallen trees in the woodland. He says he can see the forms trying to get out - we wonder about him sometimes!

The mirror sculpture in the walled garden was commissioned in May 2003 when we opened our garden for charity. The effect of light on the mirror changes the look of the sculpture so many times a day; it’s like having several different sculptures. It was made by Ron Fairfield who sculpts angels, trees, fish and free forms for homes, work places as well as gardens.