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Harley, our much loved German Shepherd and constant companion died in September 2009.  He had been in failing health for some time.  We miss him terribly.

Our two Vietnamese pot bellied pigs were brother and sister. Sadly they died in December 2010 - the worst winter we have ever experienced in over 30 years at Kirklands.  They were born in Drummond Safari Park and were a wedding present to some friends of ours who lived on the outskirts of the village. Unfortunately for them, but very fortunately for us, Keith and Carol moved down to the south of England and were unable to take them to their new home. That is how we became the proud owners of Smokey and Streaky.

Smokey,the girl and larger of the two. She moved and ate much slower than her brother, unless she was suffering from PMT when her brother certainly knew about it and has the scars to prove it!

Streaky would not suffer fools lightly and had been known to give you a little nip on the leg if he thought you were being slow giving him his dinner. He was better at housework than his sister and regularly tidyed and rearranged their straw bedding.
Their favourite foods after pig nuts were apples and carrots. They, like the former President George Bush Snr and Peter, hated broccoli. In fact they were quite picky piggies, but we loved them dearly and miss them.

At the end of 2007 Streaky contracted pneumonia.  He looked really ill until we tried to catch him for an antibiotic injection.  5 injections later had the technique but a wet winter field and 100 lb uncooperative pig made for exciting times.  Vets get little experience of ten year old pigs.

You can see Streaky and Smokey featured as part of the  pot-bellied pig website: