Kirklands Garden Map

Bed & Breakfast

Our lawn to the front of the house is Peter’s pride and joy. It is mowed into crisp stripes several times a week during the summer with his large Ransomes greenkeepers lawn mower.

The herbaceous borders took many hours of back breaking double digging to create with tons of leaf mould and home-made compost. We have come to the point now where we don’t think we could shoe-horn in another plant! We have tried to have something flowering for at least 10 months of the year from snowdrops and hellebores in January to asters and sedums in October.

The small garden and seating area by the archway was made in 2003 as a place to look over the lawn and herbaceous borders. The statues are Tam O’ Shanter and Souter Johnny enjoying a drink. Symon and Bauldy are standing close by in the trees.

The Rockery in the back garden was formed from a strange grass ‘hump’ to the rear of the house. We were told that it was once an ancient tower but it is more likely the area where the rubble from the house construction, in 1832, was dumped. It certainly felt like that when we decided to make the rockery in 2002. All of the rocks were excavated from within the hump. It took us three weekends to excavate one rock! The construction coincided with Peter breaking two ribs so it was more than the usual amount of girl-power! We have planted it with dwarf rhododendrons and azaleas and thousands of spring bulbs.