Kirklands Garden Map

Walled Garden

We are incredibly lucky to have a walled garden. The stone walls are something that could not be reproduced with current labour costs and the rebuilding has been an on going project for the last 25 years. The terracing over the last few years has really improved the area as a vegetable plot and added a structure that looks good all year round. The extra south facing walls have meant good places for training fruit trees.

The greenhouse was built in 1979 after Peter was involved in a plane crash and took up pot plants when unable to lift a spade for 12 months. The first of the espalier apple trees was planted the same year. The greenhouse now provides tomatoes for the B&B along with chillis, cucumbers, peppers and the odd grape.
The pergola was built in 2003 to give a spot to sit and contemplate the next few projects. Sitting and contemplating becomes more important with each passing year.

We use raised beds when ever possible to make maintenance easier; it really makes a difference. The fruit garden provides strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and more for use in the kitchen and the vegetable plot feeds the family, guests, neighbours and even especially the pigs.

The mirror sculpture is by Ron Fairfield.