Kirklands Garden Map

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The Woodland walk through Saline Glen follows the course of an old mill lade; the mill has long since disappeared with only a few stones left behind the school. The millpond was sited where the pathway first crosses the stream.

In 1979 a grant from the Manpower Services helped us employ six people for six months to clear the fallen trees, drain many bogs and construct a pathway. The area is now designated a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation - SINC. The Saline Community Woodland Project has maintained and extended the path and cleared many invasive tree species, such as sycamore. The area is regarded as a naturally regenerating Scottish Woodland, one of only a handful in Fife.

Spring gives a succession of celendines, wood anemones and bluebells. We have a botanical survey of the glen which lists over 160 wild flowers and trees. In 1999 we acquired a further 10 acres to extend the project to the area behind Steelend.

The last few years have seen lots of activity from the Saline Environmental Group in the wood. The entrance to the Glen has been landscaped and the path upgraded for the first 500 meters. Financial assistance was received from the Big Lottery Fund Breathing Places and from Fife Region.

A small group of volunteers work on the pathway from time to time. If you'd like to help, give us a call.